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Double Sided Printing

To reduce the amount of paper you may chose to print reports on both sides of a sheet of paper. We will outline the steps to correctly print in this manner.

Printing Calendars

Preview and print various types of activity calendars for residents and staff.

RTasks Quick Reports

Quick Reports are customized reports that allow a user to select specific criteria and filters to create the report they need.  These reports can be generated in PDF or Excel format.  If the data is copied and pasted to a local spreadsheet, you can use that spreadsheet's additional formatting tools to remove and reorganize the information.

Snap Reports

Snap reports are available reports on a specific screen that deal with the topic of the screen.  For example, if you are on the Resident Service Plan screen, you will have available Snap Reports deailing with services.  

Snap reports have certain limitations but are still very valuable. Reports printed from the Snap Report menu are:

  • For the CURRENT MONTH. 
  • For that single Resident

If you need to print for a different month or multiple residents, it is faster to do that from the Reports Tab.