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Claim Services

Charting in RTasks allows for flexibility when scheduling services.  Some facilities use multiple providers,  in which each provider on a given day and shift has their own assignment:

  • Day HHA 1
  • Day HHA 2
  • Day HHA 3
  • Eve HHA 1
  • Eve HHA 2
  • Overnight

Alternatively, some facilities schedule to a single provider per shift and allow the caregivers to coordinate between themselves who will do each resident's service(s). For example:

  • Day HHA
  • Eve HHA
  • Overnight HHA

For providers using this latter method, ResiDex offer a means by which providers at the beginning of a shift can "claim" services by resident that they will be responsible for.  By claiming resident services, it will bring all those claimed services to the top of that employee's To Do list, and it will also flag the items so the other caregivers can see the plan. 

Nurse Med Setup/Review

RTasks EMARS will not only allow users to document the administration or declination of scheduled medications and unscheduled medications, but will first allow the nurse or manager to document that medications have been setup or reviewed/verified prior to the administration. With the ResiDex configuration option "Recap Med Setup" (i.e.Verify or Pour)" turned on, you will be able to mark each medication as being set up or reviewed/verified prior to administration by staff.

Using the campus Special Verbiage screen, you can customize what you want this Setup/Review step to be called.  To change the verbiage of this:

  • Log into Desktop ResiDex
  • Go to the Setup Tab
  • Search for Verbiage and select Campus Special Verbiage
  • Find the line that says 'Base Verbiage - Pour' and change it to your specific Verbiage: Pour, Setup, Verify, etc.
  • Close the screen
  • If the Campus Special Verbiage has not yet been activated, you will get a prompt to turn on the verbiage - confirm you want to do this

Review Administered 'PRN' Meds

When "as needed" medications are administered, some states require documentation that a licensed nurse has reviewed them.  RTasks E-Mar offers a convenient solution.

The "Review As Needed Medication" option will allow an RN or LPN to mark as reviewed those as-needed medications that were administered.

ResiDex Global Service List

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master (shared between all campuses in your database) list of services.  We will outline how to:

  • Access the Global Job (Service) List
  • View individuals with a specific service scheduled
  • Edit the service name
  • Create a new service
  • Edit the Service Details
  • Inactivate/Activate a service

Campus Units

Entering campus units is most often done as part of the database setup and allows users to identify the rooms/units  to which they can assign their residents. Campus Units may need to be updated during an expansion or if additional rooms are made available or inactivated. 

Managing Providers

Each campus providing cares to residents will need to divide up each day's workload into manageable blocks that can be assigned to either to a team, or an individual caregiver. In RTasks, we call these teams/ individuals "Providers." 

Campuses can have their own configuration for Providers - a small setting may just have AM, PM, NOC providers and no others. A larger facility may break down providers by location, and have multiple providers operating at the same time (Assisted Living AM 1, Assisted Living AM 2, Memory Care AM 1, etc).  These Providers are configured for each individual location to meet that location's needs. 

Service - Require Value

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master list of services shared by all campuses in your database. 

Certain services require staff to enter a value as they chart a service complete. Examples include vital signs, resident weights, blood glucose values, # of loads of laundry.  These services can be configured to require a value be entered and (in the case of clinical values) allow those values to be viewed in RTasks and reports as vital signs.

ResiDex 'Service Set' Setup

When entering services for a resident, we offer flexible options to streamline the process.  You can:

  • Enter one service at a time using our Service Entry - Basic option in either desktop Residex or RTasks
  • Use the Service Entry - Mass Add option to add many services for a resident all at once (in desktop Residex)
  • Use our Service Set option to add a preset group of services and assign them to the same provider for the same day and time (available in desktop Residex).  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly.

We will explain what you need to do to setup Service Sets.

ResiDex Incident Types Setup

Incident tracking and quality management is integral to the provision of quality service.  ResiDex's Incident Management system can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.  This article will explain how this is done.

Assessment-Service Consistency

ResiDex can be configured so changes to a resident service plan will not be allowed until a corresponding assessment item has been updated for that resident.  This has the effect of ensuring your residents' service plans are always consistent with their assessments.

Incident Clinical Review Setup

An incident can be composed of up to 15 questions to record the actual incident, but it can also contain an additional 15 questions for a Clinical or Supervisory Review. This article will address setting up the Clinical Review questions.

Setup Condition Change Types

Setting up the Condition Change feature is very simple and must be done prior to any condition change entry. You would NOT want to edit the types or questions associated with a condition change AFTER you have been using the feature.

Global Generic Medication List

Each medication in ResiDex is associated with a generic medication.  The generic medications control information that is related to any trade medication it is linked to. The generic medications::

  • Determines the "Indications" visible when entering a medication
  • Generates the list of "Usage" and "Side Effects" that print on the last page of most MARS
  • Specifies the "Med Category" (for example: Narcotic, Diuretic, Antibiotic, Controlled, etc.)

Assessment: Subset Setup

Assessment Subsets are mini-assessments that can be viewed and entered within a larger assessment.  Each campus within a database can create their own assessment subsets.

As Needed Med Admin Limits

Residex medication entry will allow you to specify how many times a day an as needed med is to be given.

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