ResiDex Staff Alert Setup

ResiDex allows users to set up alerts via text message or email, notifying them of important information such as incidents entered that are awaiting review, unread snap messages, missed medications, and others.

Enable Alerts:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - Start at the Setup Tab
  • Search for Alert and select the option on the right Alert and Login Report Setup
  • Click: Enable by the Alerts option


  • After you click enable,  press "OK" when notified "This will enable alerts for this entire database - continue?"

Note: Setting up or enabling alerts is done by campus;  individuals have the option of turning on or off their notifications themselves.

Configure Alerts:

  • From the component "drop down list", select an item
  • The "Component description" will default in
  • Click on the "Roles" field to view the pop up to select/remove providers to get the alert
  • When finished selecting roles, use the X in the window to close the screen (a)
  • When finished selecting alert components, use the X to close the screen (b)

Activating Alerts Per Staff in Desktop ResiDex:

  • Staff can log into Desktop ResiDex and click the "Alerts" button at the top of the screen

  • From the option list select: Off - No Alert, On - SMS (Text) or On - Email

  • If you select ON - SMS (Text) or ON - Email a field will appear to add or edit the information 
  • The SMS and Email are automatically kept in sync with the Staff Profile Screen information


When Finished:

  • The staff will have an indicator at the top of their screen showing the alerts are turned on

  • They will be alerted to items for 2 hours (late meds, missed services, etc.)
  • They can turn on/off the alert any time.  This will help if they go on vacation or are filling in for another staff

Activating Alerts Per Staff in RTasks:

  • Log into RTasks
  • Click on your name and Settings
  • Check or Un-check - I would like to receive alerts

  • Once the box is checked select the type of alert you would like to receive

  • Select one of the options
  • For SMS - you can add/edit your texting phone number and optionally send a test text
  • When finished press Save

Viewing Alert Details:

  • When a staff receives an alert they will log into RTasks
  • Select Fax/Print (or just Print) option
  • Select the report category Alerts
  • Select the correct alert and click Create Report