As Needed Med Admin Limits

Residex medication entry will allow you to specify how many times a day an as needed med is to be given.

How this works:

You will see a field visible on as needed meds that says, "Up to: __ Times Per Day".  You will simply enter a number in this field to specify how many times a day it can be given.  For example:  If a medication can be given every 6 hours you will put "4" in the box to indicate it can be given 4 times per day.

RTasks (E-Mar) Benefits

When recording as needed medications into RTasks, you will be notified if a medication is being given too soon.  The up to times per day will automatically calculate the number of hours between each dose and will alert if it is too soon.

Report Benefits to using this feature:

This will allow multiple lines to show up on some of our paper medication reports that have as needed medications along with scheduled medications. This will also allow staff to sign off more than once per day for as needed medications.  Previously all of our medication forms that had as needed and scheduled medications on one report had one line per day per as needed medication.

Forms implementing this feature>

  • "Med Sheets"
  • "Med Sheets - HHA"
  • "Medication Assistance - With Picture - Alt"