ResiDex 'Service Set' Setup

When entering services for a resident, we offer flexible options to streamline the process.  You can:

  • Enter one service at a time using our Service Entry - Basic option in either desktop Residex or RTasks
  • Use the Service Entry - Mass Add option to add many services for a resident all at once (in desktop Residex)
  • Use our Service Set option to add a preset group of services and assign them to the same provider for the same day and time (available in desktop Residex).  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly.

We will explain what you need to do to setup Service Sets.

Service Set - Setup - Names:

  • From the Setup Tab - Click on "Service List" from the list on the left
  • Select "Service Sets" from the list on the right
  • The Service Set screen will open where you will create or edit the service sets

  1. Enter the service set name - when ENTERING the service set, the options to select will sort alphabetically
  2. Enter the description - this will help a user to understand what services will be added when the service set is selected
  3. Select a service set "Type" - Typically you would want to use the "Basic" option (days to select include Daily or a day of the week) or "1 x a month" 
  4. Click "Show Detail" to view, edit or setup the service set

Service Set - Setup - Details:

  1. Select a service to be added in the group of services - the option list is generated by the active services in the Global Job (Service List)
  2. Enter a "Description" (optional) - this text will be the "Task Details" for the service when entered using the service set entry and replace the "Default Task Details"

Service Set - Remove a Service:

  • From the "Show Details" screen - click the Record Selector by a service (The grey box to the left of the service)

  • Press the Delete Key - on your keyboard
  • A pop up will appear to confirm you want to delete the service - press Yes to confirm
  • The service will no longer be added when you use that service set option

Now What?

Now that you have completed the setup process, you are ready to use the Service Entry - Service Set option.