Task Manager

RTasks Task Management System allows users to create and assign tasks to themselves or others, receive a reminder to perform that task, and then document completion.

Tasks are jobs assigned to specific staff person to complete. In contrast:

  • A Service is assigned to a Provider to do for a Resident
  • A Chore is assigned to a Provider to perform for the facility
  • A Task is assigned to a specific Staff Person and may be linked to a Resident/Prospect, or not at all.

Examples of tasks are:

  • For Marketing staff, linked to a Prospect: "Send an invitation to the upcoming Open House"
  • For Maintenance staff: "Fix leaking faucet in Room 312"
  • For Staff: "Provide facility tour to Smith Family on 12/14 at 2:00 PM"

Tasks can be assigned a date and time, or simply a date of completion. The task will appear in the 'Today' screen on the date on which it was scheduled, and for the staff person to whom it was assigned. 

In contrast to services and chores, assigned Tasks will remain on the "To Do" screen each day until it is marked complete.

Task Manager will allow a user to: