Report Visibility and Access

RTasks report visibility--the ability to control what provider types can view each report-- is customizable per database.  In addition, users with Role 13 (Supervisor) can be set to view ALL possible reports available, then serve as the gatekeeper in making reports available to other staff.

Contact Residex Support Staff to turn on the configuration granting Supervisors access to all reports.  

RTasks Report Visibility for Supervisors:

Once this configuration is set, Supervisors may:

  • navigate in RTasks to the RTasks Fax/Print button and select "Reports"
  • Select the Category "All"
  • View the drop down list

- Report names with a • indicate currently "enabled" reports

- Report names without the • indicate a report that has not been enabled for that database

- Reports that say (BETA) indicate the report may or may not be enabled but have also not been fully tested

This is what a report list would look like for a Supervisor (user with role 13) with the campus configuration option set to "yes".

Enable a Report:

As a Supervisor, if you find a report that you would like to allow staff to see, you will need to enable it and specify provider visibility. 

From RTasks Fax/Print Button > Reports, click on the link Manage report availability and permissions.

  • Either use the search field to locate a specific report,  search by key word, OR select a category to view available reports
  • Select the report you wish to enable from the Reports field
  • The Manage Reports screen will open.

From this screen:

  1. Enable the report
  2. Select the provider types who should have access to this report
  3. Save, and click Back to return to the Reports screen.  That report is enabled and available for staff to view.

Users can edit permissions to a given report in the same way.