Resident Bio/History

The Bio/History assessment offers users an opportunity to enter resident biographical data and personal preferences and share that with caregivers.  Information in the Bio/History assessment is entered in a similar fashion to other Residex assessments.  Once a bio/history assessment is marked complete, it can be printed out and provided to staff, or sent electronically via RTasks to caregivers to review/acknowledge, and reference as needed to provide high quality, individualized care.  Bio/History is an assessment type that can be delegated to RTask users to perform who do not have clinical roles assigned.  

Enter Bio/History Assessment into RTasks:

Navigate from Clinical > Assessments > Select a resident or prospect > Select the Bio/History Assessment Type

 Click on the blue Bio/History option to see the questions to complete

Answer each assessment item, adding notes as needed.

 When you get to the bottom, press the Back button

Click the Mark assessment as completed button

Review Bio/History Assessment:

Once a Bio/History Assessment is marked complete, a line will appear on the RTasks Today screen to review the assessment

Click on the link, read through the details, and acknowledge that you read the bio/history assessment

Bio/History Visibility:

Once a Bio/History assessment is completed, it will be visible along with the most recent care plan that has been done as a link in any service for that resident.