Duplicate Prospects Listed

If you notice your list of prospects contains duplicate prospect names, it is because there is a configuration option turned on for your database.  This configuration option will display the prospect name multiple times if the prospect has more than one contact.

The Purpose:

The reason this option was created is to allow a user to quickly search the Prospect List screen using the Prospect's first/last name OR any of the Contacts first/last names.  If a family member calls and you are not sure of the related Prospect, you can search for the Contact name and quickly find the related individual.  This will allow you to quickly find phone numbers or create a task related to the caller.

The Configuration Option:

  • From the Campus Configuration Screen - search for Contacts
  • Find the configuration opion: Show all contacts in list and change the option to Yes/No as you desire


  • When the configuration option is set to "Yes", you will see the prospect name listed once for each contact

  • When the above configuration option is set to "No", the Prospect will only be displayed once