Populate Care Plans and Policies

Requiring staff to Review the Master Care Plan helps in meeting requirements that staff have been oriented to the plan of care and keeps staff up-to-date on the current needs of each resident.  Your staff regularly receive Care Plan Updates each time an assessment is marked complete. 

Policies and Procedures can be entered in RTasks and populated out to staff to review and acknowledge as well. 

Upon orientation, you may wish to have new staff review Care Plans and/or Policies and Procedures.  This can be managed from the Staff Profile in RTasks, by users who have Roles 11 (Manager) or 13 (Supervisor) OR are RN or LPN provider types.


Populate Care Plans for New Staff

  • Click on People > Staff > Staff Profile of the staff you wish to populate care plans to
  • Click Populate Care Plans 
  • When the staff member logs in, they will have the Care Plans on the "Today" tab to review and acknowledge

Care Plan Review

  • From the Today screen the new staff member will select and open the Care Plan Review. The Master Care Plan will be visible
  • Review the information and scroll to the bottom.  Note that anything new or updated is flagged;  resident vulnerabilities are flagged as well.
  • Staff will click the 'I acknowledge I have reviewed the Plan of Care...' box and then click on 'Acknowledge'

Policy Review

Policies can be reviewed in much the same way.  Navigate to the Staff Profile screen and select Populate Policies.  This pushes policy documents out to staff to review and acknowledge.


The reports 'Care Plans Reviewed - Staff' and 'Care Plans Reviewed by Resident' demonstrate staff that have reviewed and acknowledged the Care Plan