Incident Configuration Options

ResiDex users can customize Incidents in ResiDex to meet their specific needs!

Configure Basic Incident Options

  • From the Setup tab, select "Campus" from the menu on the left, then select "Campus Configuration" from the sub-menu on the right.
  • Select a campus or select "All"
  • Select the category "Incidents"

Allow follow-up notes to Incidents

Will add the the "+ Note" option by each Incident line item so a follow up note pertaining to that Incident can be entered.

Hours allowed for staff to edit an Incident

Will determine the length of time a staff member who entered an Incident can go back in and edit the details.

Offer to print Incidents upon completion

When an Incident is saved, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to print the Incident summary. If this is set to "No", the prompt to print will not appear, but you can still access any of the Incident reports in the "Snap Reports".

Require Clinical Review of Incidents
This will turn on the "Clinical Review" button so the nurse or supervisor can do a "Clinical Review" of the Incident (answering another set of questions relating to a specific Incident).

Staff Acknowledges Incident after Review

Turning this configuration to YES will allow the incident to be sent electronically to any staff member identified as being responsible for the incident.  The response option "StaffPerson" must be selected when setting up the incident.

The following option must be enabledby ResiDex Staff:

Allow limited edits to Incidents (to role 19):
This will immediately "lock" an Incident (make it read only) after the initial entry. The only users who will be able to view or edit the Incident are those with role 19.


Additional Features

Body Diagrams and Vitals charting can also be required as part of an Incident report - this is setup along with a particular Incident's questions!