Incident Clinical Review Setup

An incident can be composed of up to 15 questions to record the actual incident, but it can also contain an additional 15 questions for a Clinical or Supervisory Review. This article will address setting up the Clinical Review questions.

Clinical Incident Review is a process of capturing a second set of questions related to an incident. When an incident is first documented, users enter data then close the screen and all the data is saved. If you require follow up questions or a clinical review to be performed, the nurse or supervisor will open the incident, review the initial entry, then click Clinical Follow Up and enter the answers to the second set of questions. Both the original incident entry and the clinical followup will print on an incident summary report.

Campus Configuration Settings

  • Go to the Setup tab, Campus and Campus Configurations.  Under the category of Incidents, turn on the feature "Require Clinical Review of Incidents".

Setup Clinical Follow Up Questions

  • Follow the Incident Type setup process
  • Add Incident questions as you would normally
  • Check the Clinical Follow Up
  • Close the screen when finished