Housing Type

The optional Housing Type field on the Resident Profile Screen will give you flexibility when specifying the housing for an individual within the campus.

By selecting the housing type for a resident, you will be able to utilize reports that are sorted/grouped by housing type.

This can also be helpful to specify the need for two individuals living in the same apartment.  For example: A husband and wife live in the same apartment, but the husband needs Assisted Living services while his wife lives with him but is independent.  You can select Assisted Living for the husband and Independent Living for the wife.

Add a Housing type

  • Go to Setup
  • Search for Housing
  • Select Housing Types from the menu on the right
  • Click the blank line and add the new type

To turn on/off Housing Type Visibility:

The Housing Type field can be turned on or off from displaying on the Resident Profile screen.

  • Go to the Setup Tab and select Campus
  • Select Campus Configuration from the menu on the right
  • Search for Housing
  • Edit the Show Housing Type on Profile screen to select Yes or No
  • Close the screen