Service - Require Value

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master list of services shared by all campuses in your database. 

Certain services require staff to enter a value as they chart a service complete. Examples include vital signs, resident weights, blood glucose values, # of loads of laundry.  These services can be configured to require a value be entered and (in the case of clinical values) allow those values to be viewed in RTasks and reports as vital signs.

Access the Global Job (Service) List:

You will need ResiDex user role 18 "Global Service List"

  • Start at the Setup Tab and select Service List from the list on the left
  • Select "Global Job (Service) List from the list on the right

Add/Edit Services that Require a Value:

  1. Enter the "Values - Label"
  2. Select a "Count" (For Example: Pulse = 1, Weight =1, Blood Pressure = 2)
  3. Type/Select a "Vitals Type" (optional)*

* The "Vital Type option" will "group" vital signs on report. (For example: Blood pressure sitting and Blood Pressure standing can display on the same report if they are grouped in the same "Vitals Type: Blood Pressure".

Indicate the Service is a "Vital Sign"

If you would like to include a service in a vital sign set, you can "tag" the service by checking the "Include in Vitals Set (Vitals Entry Screen)" box.  

These would then be used when entering vital signs from:

  • The Resident Profile "Options" list
  • Incident Entry - Add Vitals
  • Today Screen - Unscheduled Vitals