ResiDex Behavior Monitoring

The ResiDex Global Job (Service) List has a check box by each service to indicate if it is a behavior service.  When a service is tagged as a behavior service it allows users to

  • Create a "Behavior Plan" for the resident that has behavior services scheduled
  • Document the number of behavior occurrences, the time spent, and intervention effectiveness
  • View reports such as a behavior log that summarizes behavior management

Specify a Service is a "Behavior" Service:

  • From the Global Job (Service) List - Select a Service
  • You may wish to have one or more services that are tagged with "Special Behavior Tracking"
  • In the "Recap" section, check the box for "Special Behavior Tracking".  This will change the recap requirements for this service in RTasks 

Create the Behavior Plan:

Document Behaviors:

  • From RTasks - Select the Provider and a "Behavior Service"
  1. Enter the number of minutes
  2. Select the number of occurrences
  3. From the drop down list select up to four interventions (A-D)
  4. Optionally enter a note
  5. Mark the service complete

Behavior Log:

  • From the Reports screen search for Behavior
  • Select the report "Behavior Report"
  • Select the resident name and date range and press GO
  • The report is grouped by behavior type (1)
  • It will display when the behavior occurred (2), the actual number of minutes (3), number of occurrences (4), all interventions (5), and service notes (6)