ResiDex Global Service List

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master (shared between all campuses in your database) list of services.  We will outline how to:

  • Access the Global Job (Service) List
  • View individuals with a specific service scheduled
  • Edit the service name
  • Create a new service
  • Edit the Service Details
  • Inactivate/Activate a service

Access the Global Job (Service) List:

You will need ResiDex user role 18 "Global Service List"

  • Start at the Setup Tab and select Service List from the list on the left
  • Select "Global Job (Service) List from the list on the right

View Residents on a Service:

  • Click on a Service
  • Click the "Who-Campus" or "Who-All" to see the report of Residents at one campus or every campus in your database

Edit the Service Name:

Do this with caution! You will be prompted that it is automatically going to change the service name for everyone currently on that service.

  • Click on a service
  • Edit the name field on the right side of the screen

Create a New Service - Using Copy

  • Click on a service and click Copy at the top of the screen

  • A pop up will appear - enter the new service name and press OK

  • Press YES to confirm when the message appears "You are about to append 1 row"
  • To edit details on the new service, click on the service that will appear in the list on the left

Service Task Details:

For detailed information on the role the default task detail field plays, see our document on "Service Task Details"

  • To edit the default task details, edit the text in the Default Task Detail field

Activate/Inactivate a Service

  • To activate/inactivate a service simply toggle the "Active" check box

  • To activate a service that is inactive, first click the INACTIVE button at the top of the screen to display the list of inactive services