Global Generic Medication List

Each medication in ResiDex is associated with a generic medication.  The generic medications control information that is related to any trade medication it is linked to. The generic medications::

  • Determines the "Indications" visible when entering a medication
  • Generates the list of "Usage" and "Side Effects" that print on the last page of most MARS
  • Specifies the "Med Category" (for example: Narcotic, Diuretic, Antibiotic, Controlled, etc.)

Access Generic Medication List:

  • From Desktop ResiDex - click the Setup Tab
  • Search for "Med"
  • Select the option on the right - Global Generic Medications

Edit Generic Medications:

  1. You can search for a medication
  2. Edit the generic medication name (if needed) DO THIS WITH CAUTION - It will impact every resident with that medication
  3. Add/Edit the usage/purpose information - this controls available "indications"
  4. Add/Edit adverse effects - this displays on many of the med info pages of the MARS
  5. Indicate what type of med it is (psychotropic, controlled, narcotic, etc)

Add Generic Medication:

  1. Click the New button
  2. Add the details on the right

Show Related Trade Medications:

Any change you make to the generic medication will impact related trade medications.  For example, if you indicate the generic is a "controlled" medication, all related trade name medications will be flagged as controlled.

  1. Click the Show Related Trade Medications
  2. Scroll up/down to see the list of related medications

NOTE: If the generic medication is associated with a trade name incorrectly, you can edit that in the Global Medication List.

See Who is Using the Medication:

To see who is taking the medication, click the "Who" button or "Who All" button at the top of the screen.  The "Who" button will display all residents at the current campus taking the medication.  The "Who All" button will show all residents at every campus in the database who is taking the medication.