ResiDex Fall Risk Tool

Assessing and minimizing risk of falling is an important nursing activity and a common quality management concern. ResiDex offers a fall risk tool developed by the Missouri Alliance for Health Care (the MAHC 10) that offers several advantages:

  • It is a tested and validated tool
  • It is integrated into data already entered into ResiDex (diagnoses, medications, fall incidents, assessment items, etc.)
  • It is updated with each assessment or clinical review
  • It can easily be updated and printed as a subset assessment

Fall Risk Tool - Setup:

  • Ensure your assessments include questions that address topics including incontinence, visual impairment, functional mobility, environmental hazards, pain, and cognitive impairment.

- If you need to add one of the above assessment categories,  activate the option following the instructions in this document

- Alternatively, you can create your own assessment item. To add one following these instructions.


Fall Risk Tool - Report Customization:

Once the above setup is complete, you can identify assessment items that will be included in the fall risk tool.

  • In Desktop ResiDex - start at the Setup Tab and type "Fall" in the search field
  • Select Fall Risk Assessment Tool - Setup
  • Select the drop down list and select one of the options

Note: The items circled in red above are derived from information entered in the Resident profile page, the diagnoses, medications, and from fall incidents recorded.  The other categories are derived from assessments.

  • To set up the assessment items, select a fall risk category at the top (such as Pain affecting level of function, as seen above).
  • Select an assessment category on the left and and choose the evaluation options on the right that relate to this fall risk category.  You may choose multiple. Continue in much the same way for the other fall risk items that derive from the assessment.

Report Sample:

Below is a partial sample of the Fall Risk Assessment Tool report, showing fall risk categories and the points that are automatically assigned.

Removing Information from the Fall Risk Assessment Tool:

You can remove assessment evaluation options from the report, if needed, by:

  • Follow the instructions as above to open the Fall Assessment Tool Setup
  • Select an item relating to the assessments
  • Click the record selector (the grey box or arrow to the left of the item)
  • Press delete on your keyboard and press OK to confirm the delete process