RTasks Vault - Emergency Documents and Role 911

Emergency planning is our concern as well as yours.  The ResiDex Vault gives specified users access to key documents in the event of RTasks downtime. This gives users access to information they need with the least amount of service disruption.

We recommend installing a shortcut for https://vault.rtasks.net/ on your desktop. 

What is RTasks Vault

This HIPAA-secure system allows designated staff to login to an alternate website, vault.rtasks.net, using their current RTasks username and password. 
RTasks users must have Role 911 to be able to log in, and can download Assignments sheets for today and tomorrow, Profiles, MARs and Blank worksheets.

What You Need to Do - Grant users access.

Every campus needs at least one emergency contact specified. To manage this, navigate to Profiles > Staff > Staff Profile of the selected individual(s). We typically recommend this permission be granted to nurses and directors, though it can be granted to any user your organization deems appropriate.

  • Select the Security option in the Profile screen
  • Click on Other Roles

  • Select the option Emergency Downloads (Role 911)

Emergency contacts need to have a current email address and a phone number specified in their staff profile.

Using RTasks Vault

Once emergency contacts are designated in RTasks in the Staff Security screen, Emergency contacts should practice logging into and downloading files from vault.rtasks.net - both to see how it works and verify that they can access the downloads.
  • Logging into the vault, the user will see the databases to which they have access:
  • Click on the database to display the campuses within that database and the document links for each
  • The documents will download and can be selected and printed.

NOTE: After you use the vault and download forms, confidential medical information will be stored locally on your computer.  ResiDex Software recommends you delete these files immediately after you are finished using them to ensure HIPAA security.