Managing Providers

Each campus providing cares to residents will need to divide up each day's workload into manageable blocks that can be assigned to either to a team, or an individual caregiver. In RTasks, we call these teams/ individuals "Providers." 

Campuses can have their own configuration for Providers - a small setting may just have AM, PM, NOC providers and no others. A larger facility may break down providers by location, and have multiple providers operating at the same time (Assisted Living AM 1, Assisted Living AM 2, Memory Care AM 1, etc).  These Providers are configured for each individual location to meet that location's needs. 

Creating Providers

Providers can be configured uniquely for each location using RTasks. Each Provider is assigned a Type (so we can limit users to only see Provider options appropriate for their role), a Primary community (to make it easier to assign cares to the appropriate provider) and a Shift (so cares can only be assigned to providers working at the appropriate time).

  • From the Today screen, press the + More Button.
  • Under the Administration option click Providers
  • Click New Provider
  • Add the information and press Save

Edit a Provider:

  • Click on Today and + More
  • Click on Providers
  • Click on a specific provider
  • Edit any of the details
  • Press Save

Deactivate a Provider

When a 'Provider' is no longer needed, it can be retired.

  • Follow the above steps to edit a provider
  • Click the Active check box to un-select
  • NOTE: You will not be able to inactivate a Provider that has services assigned


The Unassigned Provider

Each campus list of providers must include an 'Unassigned' Provider. Do not inactivate this entry!  This unassigned provider is used:

  • when importing a resident from another campus.  Services and meds must be reassigned upon import, so carry the temporary status of "Unassigned"
  • to alert staff via Login Report or Status tab that a service has been added but is not assigned to scheduled staff