Code Status

A person's Code Status is a code specified in advance which describes that person's health care preferences in the event that their heart stops or their lungs fail. Examples of Code Statuses include CPR (meaning, CPR may be performed if possible,) DNR (Do Not Resuscitate), DNI (Do Not Intubate.)

A resident's Code Status must be recorded in the Code Status field on the Resident Profile. The Code Status is required and cannot be left blank; it will will automatically default to CPR.

Enter the Resident Code Status:

To change a resident's code status, simply select a different option from the Code Status menu on the Resident Profile screen.

Code Status Options:

The default available options in the Code Status menu are CPR, DNI, DNR, DNR/DNI. If you need additional options in this list for your campus, add the new options as follows:

  • Go to the Setup tab and select "Global Setup and Install" from the menu on the left
  • Select "Code Status" from the menu on the right
  • Press the New button (or Control N) and enter the new Code Status and brief description

NOTE:  After entering the new code status, you must exit ResiDex and go back in before the option is available in the code status option list.

Code Status Note Options:

Some facilities require entering a resident note type of DNR before documenting a new code status entry. If you require this two step process, follow these instructions:
Turn the note required option on:
  • Go to Setup: Campus Configuration
  • For Require a DNR Resident Note to change code status - Select Yes
Additionally, if you don't have it already, you will need to create a new note type:
  • Go to Setup: Resident Note Types
  • Enter a new note type: DNR