Case Manager

The "Case Manager" field allows you to specify a nurse or other individual as a resident's case manager.

Turning Case Manager tracking on and off

The "Case Manager" field is enabled by default, but it can be de-activated.

  • Go to Setup and click "Security and Administration" from the menu on the left
  • Select "Campus Configuration" from the menu on the right
  • In the Category drop down list, select "Client"
  • Find the "Require Case Manager" option
  • Selecting "Yes" will display the field on the Profile and "No" will hide the field.

Close the screen and you will see the change on the Resident Profile screen

Case Manager - Alternate Option

Some facilities find it more beneficial to enter the case manager / social worker in the "Contacts" section instead of the "Case Manager" option.  Contacts allow you to enter any contact of any relationship type (son, daughter, social worker, case manager, etc.). By using the contact field you will benefit from having detailed information about the case manager such as phone number and address.  You can also benefit from using the "Find Existing Contact" option if more than one resident has the same case manager/social worker.