Assessment-Service Consistency

ResiDex can be configured so changes to a resident service plan will not be allowed until a corresponding assessment item has been updated for that resident.  This has the effect of ensuring your residents' service plans are always consistent with their assessments.

Enable "Require Assessment to be consistent with Services"

Please Note: The links between the services and assessments need to be set up prior to using this feature.

  1. Go to the setup tab and click on "Campus" in the Select Category box. Then click on "Campus Configuration" in the Select Option box.
  2. From the Category option list, choose "Assessments".
  3. Set "Require Assessment to be consistent with services", to YES
  4. Close out of the Campus Configuration screen.

Update a Resident's services (with this feature enabled)

Once you have changed the campus configuration, you will no longer be able to enter a new service in the resident service plan without first making a change in the assessment.

  1. Open a Clinical Update (or other assessment) and choose the category and assessment item that needs changing.
  2. If you have Assessment Service Links set up, when you choose the option that requires action, a service will automatically be set up in the resident service plan. (You will need to schedule the time and provider.)
  3. Once you are finished, you can check the resident service plan to make sure that the services are set up correctly.