Setup Assessment Types

ResiDex allows users to determine both the types of Assessments being performed as well as customizing the names of these Assessments.  The facility's preferred name (rather than our defaults) will appear on reports such as Assessment Summaries, Worksheets, Forms and Reports. More information on Assessment Types may be found here.

Turn Assessment Occasions On and Off

  • From the Setup Tab, select “Assessment” then select “Assessment Types (Occasions)"


All of the Assessments that have the box in the “Active” column checked are enabled, and that type of assessment can be performed by users. All of the Assessments that are NOT checked “Active “ are disabled.

  • To Activate an assessment, make sure its box in the “Active” column is checked
  • To Deactivate an assessment, make sure the box in the “Active” column is NOT checked.


How to change the display name of an Assessment

From the "Assessment Types (Occasions)" screen mentioned above - Overtype the current assessment name to your preferred name. You do NOT need the word "Assessment" in the name, as that part of the title will automatically be added.

Note: Changing the name of the assessment only affects what Assessment name prints on the output forms / reports. It does not change the name of the Assessments where they are referenced within ResiDex.

How to modify provider ability to enter Assessment Data

The column "Allow Entry all RTask users" allows you to indicate with a "checkmark" if an assessment type  could be entered by any RTasks user (not just Nurses).  While Admission Assessments and Clinical Updates likely need to be performed by licensed staff, the Bio/History and/or Dietary Preferences might be delegated to other provider types by putting a check in this column for those assessments.