Assessment Snippets

Snippets are bits of text - typically a sentence or two - that RTasks users can select and use in a given note field.  Assessment snippets are located in the note field associated with any assessment item, and can create efficiencies and clarity in documentation.  Users are still able to add resident-specific data as well.  Users with Role 32 (Assessments) can add or delete assessment snippets.

Assessment Snippet Selection / Entry

From any assessment question, click on the Notes button > Snippets > Select the Snippet > Save.

Add a New Snippet

Adding a new snippet can be done similarly, but clicking 'Add Snippet' to create to add the text.  Keep in mind that a good snippet is general enough it can be used for a number of residents - and should never contain resident-specific information. 

Deleting A Snippet

Deleting a snippet can be accomplished by simply clicking the garbage icon to the right of any existing snippet