Assessment of Vulnerability

Assessments are done, in part,  to identify and document a resident's current needs and abilities. It is in identifying resident needs that we are also identifying their vulnerabilities. Assessments performed in Residex allow a number of different types of reports to be generated once assessment items have been answered.  In addition to reports such as Assessment Summaries, the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan is a document that is also created;  it displays those areas identified in the assessment as being needs or vulnerabilities.  Users can control what items pull into the Abuse Prevention Plan AND can quickly update a resident's Individual Abuse Prevention Plan using the subset feature:

Specifying "Vulnerability" Assessment Items:

  • From the Setup Tab: Click on Assessment on the left
  • Select Assessment - Master Assessment Setup on the right
  • Select an assessment category from the option list at the top (1)
  • Put a check in the box of items you want to appear on the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan (2)
  • In the course of performing an assessment, it is helpful to add detail (in the form of a note) as to how your facility is meeting that need or vulnerability.  This note will pull into the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan and provided a more complete documentation.

Assessment Subsets:

When entering an assessment in Desktop ResiDex you can use the "Subsets" option to quickly address categories flagged as "vulnerability" items.

  • Begin entering an assessment
  • From the "Subset" menu select "Vulnerable Adult"
  • The "vulnerability" items will now display. Fill in the information
  • Click on "Return to Assessment" or "Mark Complete"

Individual Abuse Prevention Plan:

After the assessment items are filled out you will now be able to generate the form called "Individual Abuse Prevention Plan".  You have two ways to generate this report:

  • When entering an assessment click on the "Safety" section
  • Click on the category "Vulnerability"
  • Click the "Individual Abuse Prevention Plan" at the bottom left of the screen

  • From the Reports Tab - In the search field type "Abuse"
  • Select the report "Individual Abuse Prevention Plan"
  • Select the Resident, toggle print/preview as desired and press "Go"

Snapshot Sample:

Here is an example of what your report may look like: