Assessment: Master Assessment Setup

The CliniDex Assessment tool is highly customizable.  You can customize your assessment by simply turning on/off current assessment categories or get very detailed in the customization by adding new categories and/or evaluation options.

USE THE FOLLOWING PROCESS WITH CAUTION! Editing an evaluation option from "Independent with toileting" to "Needs assistance with toileting" will affect any assessments that have previously been entered and so impact Assessment history.  It is ok to ADD new evaluation options, but EDIT items with EXTREME CAUTION!

Add a New Category:

  • Start at the Setup tab and select "Assessment" from the option list on the left
  • Select "Assessment - Master Category List" from the option on the right
  • Click "New" at the top of the screen (1)
  • Type in the Category (2)
  • Select a "Category Type" (3)

Add Evaluation Options to NEW Category:

  • You must now make the category ACTIVE for your campus following the Assessment Question Setup instructions.
  • Next, from the Setup Tab select Assessment from the options on the left
  • Select Assessment - Master Assessment Setup from the list on the right
  • Select the Category from the option at the top of the screen (1)
  • Enter a "Sequence #" (2)
  • Enter the "Evaluation Option" (3)

Add Items to Current Evaluation Option Lists:

You may add items to the current list of evaluation options at any time and edit the "order/sequence" by changing the number in the "#" column.

Select From Option:

If you would like to use a "Select From" option, use the drop down list and select an item from the list.  Commonly used items are:

  • Other Provider  
  • Yes/No
  • Yes-Specify, No
  • Yes, No, N/A

Auto Prompt for Note:

To automatically be prompted to enter a note, end the evaluation option with "Specify:" or a ":". This will automatically open the "note" field when the item is selected. 

Require a Note to Mark Assessment Complete:

If you would like to require that an updated note be entered before marking an assessment complete, on the Assessment - Master Assessment setup screen:

  • Select the category
  • Choose an evaluation option 
  • Select the box "Must Update Text"

Evaluation Option "Set"

A set is a flagging system to group items that would be in conflict if selected together.  

For Example:

  • Independent in toileting
  • Needs assistance with mobility to toilet

These would be conflicting statements that would not typically be selected at the same time.  You can put these evaluation options into a "Set" that will alert the user they have selected items in conflict with one another.  It will not prevent the user from selecting both, but a message will appear. You can have multiple sets such as "A, B, C,".