Assessment Customization

ResiDex allows users to customize assessments to best meet their needs, based upon state and federal regulations, resident populations served, and the type of programming offered.  Specifically, customization can include:

  • Assessment occasions and titles
  • Allowing non-clinical staff to perform specified assessments (e.g. Dietary, Activity, and Bio/History assessments)
  • Customization of individual assessment questions and response options, including in which assessment occasion they appear 
  • Requirement that a question be answered OR a note be entered in conjunction with any assessment item
  • Selection of assessment items to include in the Master Care Plan- a report pushed out to staff to orient them to the plan of care
  • Flagging of any assessment item as a vulnerability and require notes for any of those flagged items
  • Customization of snippets or standard text for note fields 
  • Linking Assessment items to specific services, allowing the user to update the plan of care while performing an assessment
  • Creation of custom subsets (e.g. fall risk, wound assessments) that can be performed without opening a full assessment
  • Assessment Signature Lines

Contact ResiDex Support staff for assistance in customizing your assessments.  We will meet, identify needs and preferences, and assist in the setup of any of these assessment features.

Assessment Occasions and Titles

Customizing occasions and titles will determine the options that appear in the Clinical > Assessments dropdown, as well as on the titles of the associated reports.

Assessment Access and Performance

While typically nurses or supervisors complete clinical assessments, other assessment types such as Dietary, Leisure/Activity and the Resident Bio/History assessments can be completed by other disciplines.  Let us know if you'd like other provider types to be allowed to enter these assessments.

Assessment Questions and Responses

Each item in the assessment can be customized:

  • For content and wording
  • For response options available (e.g. select one or multi-select dropdowns, fill-in-the-blank, yes/no, etc...)
  • Any item can be identifed as a vulnerability to appear flagged in Care Plan Reviews or reports such as the Individual Abuse Prevention Plan
  • Any item can pull into the report Master Care Plan, used to orient staff to the plan of care.  Staff review and acknowledge receipt electronically.
  • Any item can be made to require a note when selected
  • Any item can be required to answer
  • Any item can be in more than one assessment- e.g., a question in the Admission Assessment could also appear in both a custom subset assessment.

Assessment Snippets

Snippets are custom bits of text that can be created for a specific assessment item and selected/used as needed to make data entry efficient and precise.  Resident-specific data can be added in conjunction with a snippet to add detail.  Assessment snippets can be created by users themselves, while performing an assessment. 

Assessment - Service Links

Assessment items can be linked to specific services so that, as the user is performing the assessment, they can add, remove, or edit services in the resident's Service Plan.  Examples might include:

  • ADL's >  Needs some help with Bathing :: Bathing and Shower services
  • Psychosocial > Resident Behaviors :: Behavior Management services

this can create efficiencies, but also ensure that needs identified in the assessment are being addressed by staff.

Assessment Subsets

Custom subsets can be created;  these allow the user to answer a single question or group of questions without performing a full assessment. Examples might include subset assessments for

  • Med Self Administration
  • Wound Assessment
  • Fall Risk Assessment

These will appear in the Clinical > Assessment > Assessment Type dropdown to select.  Marking a subset assessment complete will NOT push out a new Master Care plan to staff to review, but will appear in Assessment History and can be printed as needed.

Assessment Signatures

While all assessments completed electronically will include the electronic signature of the staff person completing it, some states require nurse and resident / responsible party to sign assessment documents as well.  In this case, signature lines can be added to assessment documents with the titles of the designated signers.