Agreement: Assessment of Fall Risk

The Resident Agreement/Service plan contains a component "Assessment of Fall Risk".  We will explain where each of these yes/no questions gather their information.

As you "customize your agreement", you may decide to use the component "Assessment of Fall Risk".  It is helpful to know where the source is for each of these items to make sure the response displays as expected.

To accurately use this component you must use both "CliniDex" (assessments) and "Incident tracking".  Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for assistance with your training and implementation of these features.

Assessment of Fall Risk Questions:

Is the resident unable to rise from a chair of knee height?

Will be "YES" if the ASSESSMENT item under Safety - Gait/Balance - Unable to rise from a chair at knee height IS selected

Does the resident report any problems with balance?

Will be "YES" if either ASSESSMENT item under Safety - Gait/Balance - Balance problem while standing OR Balance problem while walking IS selected

Does the client have a fall risk diagnosis SUCH AS stroke or Parkinson's?

Will be "YES" if the client has a diagnosis entered that has either "Fall Risk" or "Cognitive Fall Risk" option selected

Is the resident on 4 or more medications per day?

This will look at the resident medication screen for the number of SCHEDULED medications to determine correct response

NOTE: If you do NOT use ResiDex for medications, the response will generate from the ASSESSMENT - Medication - Medication Fall Risk evaluation option

Is there a history of any fall in the previous year?

Based on the ADMISSION ASSESSMENT if completed less than a year ago - Admission - Fall  History - Approximate number of falls in the last 6 months

If the admission assessment was completed more than a year ago, the response will display based on incident documentation