Services Setup

ResiDex Global Service List

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master (shared between all campuses in your database) list of services.  We will outline how to:

  • Access the Global Job (Service) List
  • View individuals with a specific service scheduled
  • Edit the service name
  • Create a new service
  • Edit the Service Details
  • Inactivate/Activate a service

Service - Require Value

The Global Job (Service) List is the foundation for building a resident service plan.  This is the master list of services shared by all campuses in your database. 

Certain services require staff to enter a value as they chart a service complete. Examples include vital signs, resident weights, blood glucose values, # of loads of laundry.  These services can be configured to require a value be entered and (in the case of clinical values) allow those values to be viewed in RTasks and reports as vital signs.

ResiDex 'Service Set' Setup

When entering services for a resident, we offer flexible options to streamline the process.  You can:

  • Enter one service at a time using our Service Entry - Basic option in either desktop Residex or RTasks
  • Use the Service Entry - Mass Add option to add many services for a resident all at once (in desktop Residex)
  • Use our Service Set option to add a preset group of services and assign them to the same provider for the same day and time (available in desktop Residex).  This is useful for entering a group of vitals scheduled weekly or monthly.

We will explain what you need to do to setup Service Sets.

ResiDex Global Job (Service) List - Appointment

Tracking appointments is an important aspect of caring for residents.  Appointments can be easily and most completely documented and tracked using the Referral Appointments feature in ResiDex and RTasks.    This article details an alternate way to track appointments, based upon services created in the Global Job (Service) List.   Putting a service in the category "appointment reminder" will allow you to manually add services that will trigger an appointment reminder.