Restrict Access by IP Address

Access to RTasks may be restricted by IP addresses set from the RTasks settings button.  The ability to limit RTask access by IP address allows managers to restrict access of certain providers from  RTasks outside of the facility setting.  Others (such as on-call nurses or administrators) may retain access to RTasks from home or wherever internet access is available.

It is our recommendation that facilities request a static IP address from their Internet Service Provider to prevent disruptions in charting capability.  

If you do not have a static IP address provided by your Internet Service Provider, the IP address may change at an inconvenient time (such as due to power outage or routine maintenance) and users could be locked out of RTasks.  We have created a way for Managers and Supervisors to turn on/off "Restrict by IP address" and/or "Manage the IP Addresses" to resolve this issue.

Staff Address Confidentiality

Limit access to staff addresses to only users with the "Campus Supervisor" Role. This assists with keeping staff information confidential while still allowing supervisors to have visibility to it.