Reporting & E-Fax

E-Fax Setup

Before you can fax to or from RTasks or ResiDex, you must activate the faxing option and sign up for a fax number.  You will need to contact ResiDex Support to sign up for faxing and/or turn on the feature.  Once it is licensed, our staff can turn on the Campus Configuration option: Faxing.

RTasks - Enabling Reports

Easy access to quality reports is a real benefit of the electronic health record.  In addition to offering a wide range of reports, RTasks offers administrators a way to set note types,  organize reports,  and also manage staff access to reports and maintain HIPAA  compliance.

Admin users (those users with Roles 11 and 13 or provider types RN, LPN) can enable RTasks reports and manage visibility.

RTasks Quick Reports

"Quick Reports" are customized options that allow a user to generate a report with specific criteria.  They can be generated in PDF or Excel format.  If you copy and paste it to local spreadsheet you can use that spreadsheets additional formatting tools to remove and reorganize the information.

RTasks Report Visibility

RTasks report visibility--the ability to control what provider types can view each report-- is customizable per database.  In addition, users with Role 13 (Supervisor) can be set to view ALL possible reports available, then serve as the gatekeeper in making reports available to other staff.

Contact Residex Support Staff to turn on the configuration granting Supervisors access to all reports.