Incident Setup

ResiDex Incident Types Setup

Incident tracking and quality management is integral to the provision of quality service.  ResiDex's Incident Management system can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.  This article will explain how this is done.

ResiDex Incident Type Detail

ResiDex allows users to set up the Incident Types appropriate for their own setting.  Each Incident Type can be further customized to include multiple questions with a variety of response types.  This article provides information on how users can create the questions and response options for both the initial incident report and clinical or supervisory reviews, and require vital signs, if desired, for each incident type.

Incident Clinical Review Setup

An incident can be composed of up to 15 questions to record the actual incident, but it can also contain an additional 15 questions for a Clinical or Supervisory Review. This article will address setting up the Clinical Review questions.

Incident Configuration Options

ResiDex users can customize Incidents in ResiDex to meet their specific needs!