E-Charting & E-MAR

As Needed Med Admin Limits

Residex medication entry will allow you to specify how many times a day an as needed med is to be given.

Charting Restrictions

RTasks E-Charting records the date and time services are scheduled, as well well as the date and time they are charted (when a staff member marks the task as complete). As charting is a time sensitive issue, RTasks has settings to ensure charting is completed in a timely manner. These settings can prevent staff from completing charting on the wrong day and encourage starf to chart in "real time" as they perform the service.

The configuration "Charting Time Restriction" is turned ON by default; if your organization prefers, you may Opt-OUT and disable these more restrictive settings. 

Settings are based upon provider types (e.g. Nurses vs Aides) and also be Roles granted (Supervisor = Role 11 and Manager = Role 13).

ResiDex 'Standard Med' Format

As ResiDex seeks to provide its users with the best in electronic health record technology, we occasionally need to upgrade existing screens.  Changes to the desktop ResiDex med entry screen pave the way for med entry in RTasks as well as the possibility of pharmacy integration using our Pharmacy Connect feature. ResiDex users who wish to be able to add and edit medications in RTasks can expect some required changes in desktop ResiDex.

ResiDex Behavior Monitoring

The ResiDex Global Job (Service) List has a check box by each service to indicate if it is a behavior service.  When a service is tagged as a behavior service it allows users to

  • Create a "Behavior Plan" for the resident that has behavior services scheduled
  • Document the number of behavior occurrences, the time spent, and intervention effectiveness
  • View reports such as a behavior log that summarizes behavior management

RTasks Signatures and Initials

Electronic staff signatures can now be created and managed in RTasks.  Each user is able to enter their signature that will automatically be displayed on certain reports, such as the MD Orders and incidents which have been reviewed by the nurse.

Tracking Services

Tracking services are specialized, customizable services that can be used a number of different ways.  The user can create specific questions and response options for staff to answer for a single service in order that this additonal information can be more effecively monitored or 'tracked'.  Examples of Tracking Services might include Goal Services and documentation of progress toward a specific goal (as in a group home setting) OR documentation of additional details regarding, for instance, bowel management.  

In order to set up tracking services in your database, you'll need Role 18 (Global Service List) and will want to contact Residex support to assist in creating response option lists.

Vital Sign Parameters

Specific parameters can be set up for most vital sign services, alerting or notifying the nurse or supervisor when a scheduled vital sign has been entered that falls outside an appropriate range. These parameters can be set across the database, but can also be modified by each client/resident to accommodate individual needs.

To perform the setup steps in desktop ResiDex's Global Service List, the user must have Role 18.