Clinical Setup

Setup Condition Change Types

Setting up the Condition Change feature is very simple and must be done prior to any condition change entry. You would NOT want to edit the types or questions associated with a condition change AFTER you have been using the feature.

Diagnosis List

The list of diagnoses that appears when you are recording a diagnosis for a resident is completely customizable! You can add new diagnoses, remove diagnoses, or edit spelling and other details.

Referral Setup Options

A Referral Report can be generated to record the reason for a resident's visit to a physician, dentist, emergency room, or any other health care provider. The Referral reports have a number of different configuration options, so you can customize your referral reports to work exactly as you want them to.

Resident Note Types and Structured Notes

Specifying note types allows users to organize or catalog resident notes and more easily find them.  Notes of a type can then be pulled together into a report (e.g. Care Conference notes or Therapy notes) entered for a resident over a specified period of time. 

Certain note types can be set as "Admin Only" and have limited visibility to non-admin users. 

RTasks' Structured Notes feature can be used to create an outline of required elements for staff to follow when entering notes of that type.  Examples of note types for which structured elements might be helpful include Care Conference notes, On-call notes, or perhaps a Therapy or Hospice note.  

Users who are Managers (Role 11) or Supervisors (Role 13) can create and edit Note Types and Structured Notes.

ResiDex Setup Document Types

Attachments or Links are typically PDF documents that are signed, scanned, and are intended to be linked to a resident, prospect or staff member's record.  Examples include:

  • Applications
  • Signed Service Plans
  • Signed Referrals
  • Prescription forms
  • Signed MD Orders
  • Lease agreements

Before you start using Attachments / Links in RTasks, some initial setup is required.  This setup allows users to determine from which screen they can access that attachment type, as well as what access caregivers have to these attachments.  To perform the setup, a user needs access to Desktop ResiDex and User Role 13 - Supervisor.